123 Pancakes

Rebecca’s famous 123 pancakes, they really are as easy as 123!! super soft, so perfect for little taste testers, but so good the whole fam will love them!


  • 1 banana
  • 2 Medium eggs (or an extra splash of milk/ 2 chia eggs*)
  • 3 Tablespoons of regular porridge oats (rolled) (or gluten free*)


  • Optional extras – a teaspoon of vanilla extract or ground cinnamon
  • You can also add a dollop of nut butter or some extra fruit like grated apple or soft berries



Mash the banana with a fork in a flat bottomed bowl, then add the eggs and oats, and whisk to combine.

Fry tablespoon amounts of the mixture, in a preheated non stick frying pan, drizzled with a little oil, over a medium/ low heat. Cook for 2 minutes and flip with a chin sturdy spatula and cook for a further minute to seal the other side. You may find it best to cook in batches of 4-6 depending on the size of your pan.

Leftovers will keep in the fridge for 2 days or freeze for 3 months. Suitable from 6 months of age.

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